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For the most crucial projects and complex needs, Bahr Hydroexcavation is the partner you can trust to get the job done right. Our team delivers comprehensive hydroexcavation in Festus, MO, for a wide range of clients. Using the latest equipment and a risk-minimizing approach, we give you the results you need while keeping crucial factors like time, safety, and cost in mind.

When you turn to us, we use more than a decade of engineering experience to determine the minimal depth and impact needed to accomplish your goals. Then, we create a small pothole and excavate to the exact point required for success. That way, there’s never any wasted time, effort, or expense — just a precision job, done to exact specifications.

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Our services aren’t just limited to business hours. When you have an emergency and need fast help, we’re available around the clock to lend a hand. Projects like flood water removal only cost more the longer you wait, so we make sure you never need to postpone service because a problem occurs during inconvenient hours. See our team in action. Reach out to us today to discuss the details of your hydroexacavation project.

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