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Hydroexcavation in the Greater St. Louis, MO Area

The key to a successful project is anticipating, mitigating, and minimizing all risks. This is what we're known for. We understand how important it is not to cause any damage to sensitive infrastructure; therefore, we are cautious, professional, and safe whenever we're on the worksite. When you need hydroexcavation, we will happily come to your site and provide drawings, specifications, and a written proposal.


Comprehensive Hydroexcavation

If you are unsure where your underground utilities are, Bahr Hydroexcavation can help you locate them to avoid errors during any plumbing, utility, or construction job. Striving for minimal disruption, our team performs hydroexcavation in the greater St. Louis, MO area, by creating small potholes and only digging to the depth required to find the utility. That way, you get the information you need without tearing up large swathes of your property.

Our team comes equipped to handle all aspects of a project. Applying one of three underground utility locating services depending on your situation, we work to deliver swift results without a hassle. Contact us and get help choosing the best option for your needs.

Perimeter Excavations

This process consists of haloing the entire layout area with a six-inch-wide trench at the client's specified depth. It's a straightforward approach that causes as little disruption as possible while also giving you the insight you need to locate your utilities.

Full Excavations

When a less intrusive approach isn't practical, a complete excavation of the client's specified area is often the best way to get results. Though this is a more extensive process, we still work to reduce the impact we make on your property with the right tools and expertise for the job.


Our company always seeks the most efficient solution for you. This involves a less invasive method. Instead of digging up the entire site, we target areas by potholing for utilities. This method has another name, too—daylighting. Both of these refer to finding where the utilities are buried by digging small holes or potholes.

We improve on the process with our hydroexcavation services. With potholing, we use a pressurized wand that breaks up the dirt with water. The water softens the soil and turns it into a slurry, which we vacuum up. We continue the process until we locate the utility.

As you can see, daylighting is a more efficient and eco-friendly way of excavation. This enables us to discover buried utilities safely and efficiently. Give us a call to consult with our company about potholing for utilities.

In some cases, contractors may need access to a pipe that's already broken. With your utility on the line, we may need to excavate the entire length of a utility. This exposes the area where plumbers and other professionals might need to work, getting to the source of the issue so that you can get back to business as usual as soon as possible.

Industrial Vacuuming

After a large excavation project, there's bound to be leftover debris. We have specially designed trucks that are considered a specialized tool for this exact problem. Rely on us to vacuum up ash, coal, dirt, or any other kind of debris that has built up. We also offer these services to remove water after a flood. Contact us today for a quote.

Emergency Excavation Services

When emergencies strike, there is no time to wait around. We're available 24/7 to solve serious problems that simply can't wait for the night or weekend to be over. These services include after-hours excavation and flood water removal from the interior of a building. Our trucks allow us to pump out 300 to 400 gallons per minute, and they also suck up any debris that happens to be in the water.